Friday, September 24, 2010

You're not talking about me. Are you?

Less than a year since my last post. Not too shabby.

I was thinking today about emailing a friend of mine. Now, what's the bid deal about that, you say? Well. In the last email he wrote to me, he was lamenting the curse of facebook. Ya know, there are people that you left far behind in your past and BAM!! There they are. Friend requesting you on some social networking hub and reminiscing about crap you NEVER meant to remember in the first place... and, now... I have to wonder if what he was really saying was that he's been trying to get rid of me for the last 15 years and I keep emailing him back. That's probably not it, though, right? I mean, he DID email me back last time... I'm sure I'm over thinking it.

I find myself completely over- scheduled. How do I manage to take on so much worthless crap? Not worthless so much as unpaid. Do other mothers who work full time struggle with over booking their volunteer- ready hours? Part of it is my guilt over throwing away all of the fund raising packets that come home. That fund raising shiz is for the birds, ya'll. Truth.

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