Sunday, September 5, 2010

How Hard Could It Really Be?

I read a Chuck Palahniuk book today- Tell All. Not the best Chucky P book out there, in all honesty. But ok enough. I always feel like there are so many "good enough" books out there... and probably even more just plain crappy ones, that really, how hard could it be for me just to write one. All you need is a good story. Or, a good enough one. And some mastery of the language. And not even that, really.

But I get the sense that maybe it's not as easy as it sounds. Because people work so long on books. Really, what are they doing the whole time? Maybe I should just start something, anything, and see what happens... that was the basic premise of this blog entry... if you couldn't tell.

Other things that look easy but really aren't:
  • Psychotherapy
  • Taking artsy photos
  • Making children do what you say
  • Push-ups
  • Running
  • Cooking from scratch with or without a recipe
  • Apologize when you don't think you're wrong
  • Budget

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