Friday, January 23, 2009

Morningstar Nuggets

Daughter: What's wrong with those nuggets?
Dad: These are momma's, baby.
Mom: They are vegetarian.
Daughter: Oh. So, what's in em?
Mom: Vegetables.
Daughter: Eeeww!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A New Year; Same old Aspirations

Well... it's already the 3rd day of a new year. Time for reflections, and resolutions, and confessions. I dont have any confessions to make, actually. And there are probably lots of things I should do besides reflect or resolve- neither of which have ever done me a bit'o good. Honestly. I do however, HOPE, to be mindful of my own "selfness." This is the term I am using to denote the fact that sometimes I mow through situations with little thought to how other people might be seeing things.... granted, I am not for a moment saying that I will become overly concerned with managing other people's perceptions. But I will at least take some time to remember that most people do not live inside my head. As far as reflections go... here is a list of 20 things I thought of.

At this time last year:
1. I still lived in Arkansas.
2. I didn’t know where I was going to live in eight months.
3. My dissertation data was only 2.5 years old.
4. I still had hopes of finishing my dissertation before leaving for internship.
5. I was making more money but had 3 more jobs.
6. A woman might have been the next president.
7. I was preparing for 11 interviews.
8. I was only 30.
9. I had cats and ferrets.
10. My glasses didn’t change to sunglasses in the sun.
11. I hadn’t seen my mom in almost 5 years.
12. I had never been to West Virginia or Orlando.
13. I didn’t have a landline phone.
14. I had never been in the car with my kids for 16 hours.
15. Relatedly, I didn’t know Kansas was the most boring state in the union.
16. I didn’t have this blog.
17. One of my daughters still had her tonsils.
18. I didn’t have to do weekly LD/ADHD assessments.
19. I wasn’t reading enough.
20. I had fewer holes in my teeth.