Sunday, February 22, 2009

Where Am I?

Okay. So. All's well. I may be moving to New York. That's a new development.... now on to my ranting...

Rihanna makes me sick. Ok. Not just her. Every woman who goes back to a relationship in which they are beaten and disrespected. Yes yes, there are barriers to leaving. I can see that with a poor chick in the trailer park but Rihanna can stomp down a barrier like a Mer Effer if she wanted to. Please, Lord, do not let our girls look up to this girl anymore. And, if you have spare time, get her some cajones so she sees she can leave.

Next. Oscars. Who cares?

Next. I finished reading The History of Love for the Love and Forgiveness book club. It was a bit confusing. You should totally ready it. Twice.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Morningstar Nuggets

Daughter: What's wrong with those nuggets?
Dad: These are momma's, baby.
Mom: They are vegetarian.
Daughter: Oh. So, what's in em?
Mom: Vegetables.
Daughter: Eeeww!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A New Year; Same old Aspirations

Well... it's already the 3rd day of a new year. Time for reflections, and resolutions, and confessions. I dont have any confessions to make, actually. And there are probably lots of things I should do besides reflect or resolve- neither of which have ever done me a bit'o good. Honestly. I do however, HOPE, to be mindful of my own "selfness." This is the term I am using to denote the fact that sometimes I mow through situations with little thought to how other people might be seeing things.... granted, I am not for a moment saying that I will become overly concerned with managing other people's perceptions. But I will at least take some time to remember that most people do not live inside my head. As far as reflections go... here is a list of 20 things I thought of.

At this time last year:
1. I still lived in Arkansas.
2. I didn’t know where I was going to live in eight months.
3. My dissertation data was only 2.5 years old.
4. I still had hopes of finishing my dissertation before leaving for internship.
5. I was making more money but had 3 more jobs.
6. A woman might have been the next president.
7. I was preparing for 11 interviews.
8. I was only 30.
9. I had cats and ferrets.
10. My glasses didn’t change to sunglasses in the sun.
11. I hadn’t seen my mom in almost 5 years.
12. I had never been to West Virginia or Orlando.
13. I didn’t have a landline phone.
14. I had never been in the car with my kids for 16 hours.
15. Relatedly, I didn’t know Kansas was the most boring state in the union.
16. I didn’t have this blog.
17. One of my daughters still had her tonsils.
18. I didn’t have to do weekly LD/ADHD assessments.
19. I wasn’t reading enough.
20. I had fewer holes in my teeth.