Sunday, November 23, 2008

Peter and the...

The Big Read is a program... national, regional, state-wide, who knows... in which large groups of people read the same book and then come together for various activities to share and discuss. Splendid! Right now, the Big Read book is Peter and the Secret of Rundoon. It's the third in a trilogy that prequels Peter Pan. I'm reading it. It is awesome. You should read it, too. Then, come to the U City Public library on December 10th to talk with me about how great it is. The Big Read in January is To Kill a Mockingbird and the little girl from the movie is gonna be here to talk about it! Worlds collide!

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  1. Fun though they may be, the Barry/Pearson novels COMEPLETELY contradict Barrie's original stories. It's like they never even read them. Pretty sad...

    For the only Peter Pan adventure that's faithful to Barrie, check out: