Thursday, October 16, 2008

Kids Stuff That Grownups Should Read

These are books that are found in a kids section or the ever fabulous "teen" and "young adult" sections of the library and/or bookstore.

The Wizard of Oz: L. Frank Baum- Classic tale about a country girl who gets swept away with the glamous life of fabulous shoes.

Alice in Wonderland: Lewis Caroll - A nosey little girl goes around insulting everyone and using people's stuff. Plus there are animals that talk and teach us lessons about life. Great stuff!

Secret Garden: F.H. Burnett - Life takes a horrible turn for a spoiled little girl when she has to start dressing herself. She finds solace in a garden.

Inkheart: Cornelia Funke - A new classic. Soon to be a movie. This book is about books and being able to actually meet your favorite story characters. Sounds great right... Apparently, its not.

Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban: J.K. Rawling - Yes, this is one of 7 books in a series. The best book and the best movie. Of course, movie/book two was delightful as well.

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  1. LOL @ The Wizard of Oz "blurb". Someone should turn this into a meme!