Sunday, December 14, 2008

Veruca Salt is a bad egg! Not nut!

So, today I woke up and turned on the TV... no news there. My 8 year old was with me and she wanted to watch Willy Wonka... not the good one, but that crap with Johnny Depp. And I love Johnny Depp... and Tim Burton, for that matter, but SERIOUSLY? What was with those weird oompa loompas that all look like each other? and the technicolor suites!? and the nut sorting squirrels!? Gene Wilder rolled over in his grave on that one. Is Gene Wilder dead?

Edit: 6/4/2016
I just reread the actual book and the newer Johnny Depp version is actually closer to the Dahl original. But I don't care. At all. 

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Peter and the...

The Big Read is a program... national, regional, state-wide, who knows... in which large groups of people read the same book and then come together for various activities to share and discuss. Splendid! Right now, the Big Read book is Peter and the Secret of Rundoon. It's the third in a trilogy that prequels Peter Pan. I'm reading it. It is awesome. You should read it, too. Then, come to the U City Public library on December 10th to talk with me about how great it is. The Big Read in January is To Kill a Mockingbird and the little girl from the movie is gonna be here to talk about it! Worlds collide!

Friday, October 17, 2008

And then there is stuff that was actually written for grownups.

"Grownup" Stuff

Love Walked In: Marisa de los Santos - The surprise hit of the summer. I totally called the ending but I loved every minute of it!

Good Grief: Lolly Winston - I laughed, I cried, I totally dug this book. Who cant relate to a depressive break down in which the main character can't manage to get dressed but feels compelled to go to work anyway.

Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned: Walter Mosley -I picked this one up recently because it was the library's book of the month club pick. It was really good. An ex-con attempts to change his life and save the life of a young kid he finds killing his chicken. Can't beat a beginning like that.

Survivor, Fight Club, and Lullaby: Chuck Palahniuk - All novels by Chuck are my favorite. They are dark, satirical, and sometimes a little disgusting. Excellent!

Sandman: Neil Gaiman - Yes, this is a graphic novel. A series of graphic novels actually. Dont let the original artwork fool you, the stories are great.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Kids Stuff That Grownups Should Read

These are books that are found in a kids section or the ever fabulous "teen" and "young adult" sections of the library and/or bookstore.

The Wizard of Oz: L. Frank Baum- Classic tale about a country girl who gets swept away with the glamous life of fabulous shoes.

Alice in Wonderland: Lewis Caroll - A nosey little girl goes around insulting everyone and using people's stuff. Plus there are animals that talk and teach us lessons about life. Great stuff!

Secret Garden: F.H. Burnett - Life takes a horrible turn for a spoiled little girl when she has to start dressing herself. She finds solace in a garden.

Inkheart: Cornelia Funke - A new classic. Soon to be a movie. This book is about books and being able to actually meet your favorite story characters. Sounds great right... Apparently, its not.

Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban: J.K. Rawling - Yes, this is one of 7 books in a series. The best book and the best movie. Of course, movie/book two was delightful as well.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I have chosen a black background

I think that the look shows how trustworthy and grown up I am. Of course, when I change it tomorrow you will see how capricious and whimsical I am. So much to be gathered from a new blog background!

So... why a new blog? Excellent question and I am glad that you are paying attention. Basically, I go through moments of being compelled to spew my opinions over the world. And who doesn't, right? So, this blog will focus primary on yours truly. Content will likely focus on my current reading picks, because I am a bit of a nerd. Yes, who knew? But I reserve the right to write about whatever I want. Why? Because I can!